Najam Ahmed – Digital Marketing Strategist

Najam Ahmed – Digital Marketing Strategist

Najam Ahmed – Digital Marketing Strategist

Najam started his career in Karachi, Pakistan in 1999 after completing his graduation, and computer sciences diploma. Before moving to Dubai in November 2007, he worked for a wide range of clients, including MCB Bank Limited, Proctor & Gamble, Siemens, Dawn Group, Jang Group of Companies, Pakistan Software Export Board, ECommerce Gateway and Institute of Chartered & Management Accountancy.

Since Feb 2008, he’s been providing digital marketing consulting services and customized digital marketing training courses to many companies across UAE and the Gulf region.

Google Partner - Dubai, UAENajam became a Google Certified Professional in November 2005 and then his company SEO International (that is now a division of Al Wafaa Group) became a Google Partner firm in December 2010. Since then he has helped numerous clients build and optimize their digital, online, search and social media marketing campaigns.
Manipal University - Dubai

Najam also initiated Digital Marketing and Social Media related training programs at Manipal University Dubai for their BS/MBA students during 2013 – 2015.

Najam has twenty years’ experience in providing online marketing consulting services and digital marketing related courses. He has helped 3,350+ companies across UAE, Middle East, and the Gulf region. His valued customers include:

1-on-1 Digital Marketing Consultation with Najam

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