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Najam Ahmed - Digital Marketing Strategist - Dubai
Najam Ahmed

Directly call Najam Ahmed at +971 55 9971 452
or send Najam a WhatsApp message at +971 55 9971 452 [if the phone is busy or on voicemail] or send an email to najam@seointl.net
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SEO International, UAE – a division of Al Wafaa Group, Dubai | PO Box 65608, Dubai, UAE | Phone +971 4 263 6936 | Fax +971 4 263 6056




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  1. Hello: I need to create 200 registrations for this event http://www.sarah-j.ae. I think google display and remarketing adverts are necessary but I am on a budget. Key words – leadership/executive coaching /leadership executive developmemt. Key audiences are middle to senior managers, CEOs, Managing Directors, HR, Talent development. Can you help? Thanks, Sarah ps need someone aware of the regulations locally.

  2. Excellent training. The good part about Mr. Najam is is honesty, he shares all the tips and tools required for digital marketing. Thank you Mr. Najam.

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