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Consultation with Najam

1-on-1 Digital Marketing Consultation with Najam

We, at SEO International, care for our clients and help them provide a first-class, unique and fresh experience to their customers through their online presence by using proven methods like Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads Optimization, optimizing your social channels and realistic lead generation allowing your business to grow and increase engagement online.

SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Agencies cost a lot these days and are in hot demand because of the lack of professional digital marketing consultants in the market, but don’t worry we are here to save you. Here’s Najam:

Najam Ahmed - Digital Marketing Consultant

Najam Ahmed - Digital Marketing Strategist

Hi, I am Najam Ahmed. I started my career in Karachi, Pakistan in 1999 after completing my graduation, and computer sciences diploma. Before moving to Dubai in November 2007, I worked for a wide range of clients, including MCB Bank Limited, Proctor & Gamble, Siemens, Dawn Group, Jang Group of Companies, Pakistan Software Export Board, Ecommerce Gateway and Institute of Chartered & Management Accountancy.

Since Feb 2008, I have been providing digital marketing consultation and customized digital marketing courses to different companies across the UAE and the GCC.

I became a Google Certified Professional in November 2005 for the first time and then my company SEO International (that is now a division of Al Wafaa Group) became a Google Partner firm in December 2010. Since then, I have helped numerous clients build and optimize their digital, online, search and social media marketing campaigns.

I also initiated Digital Marketing and Social Media related training programs at Manipal University Dubai for their BS/MBA students during 2013 – 2015.

I have more than twenty years’ experience in providing online marketing consultation and digital marketing related courses (including SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing). I have helped 3,500+ businesses in Dubai across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC.

Being one of the oldest Digital Marketer and one of the first Google Partner firm in the region; I provide great insight and depth into customer trends and market expectations. I will improve your digital marketing standings and conversions based on the revenue and the type of business, guide you on how to have an impactful digital media presence and talk to you about the different marketing techniques; any problem that arises I will provide an impactful solution for it.

Digital Marketing Topics

We provide our clients with consultation in a range of services and topics such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Keyword Analysis – Tips and Tools
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Writing Titles and Descriptions
  • YouTube SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business – Setup, Verification, and Optimization
  • Modern Backlinking Strategies
  • Google Search Console
  • MozRank / Ahrefs / UberSuggest / KeywordTool.io
  • Content Marketing & Blogging – Strategist, Ideas and Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads – Search Campaigns
  • Google Ads – Display Campaigns
  • Google Ads – YouTube Campaigns
  • Google Remarketing/Retargeting Campaigns
  • Keywords Matching Options & Negative Keywords – Google Ads
  • Optimizing your Google Ads – Save your Time and Money
  • Google Certifications – Preparation
  • Analyzing Google Campaigns – using Google Analytics
  • Improving your paid campaigns – using Google’s Campaign URL Builder
  • Social Media Profiles – Setup and Optimization
  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns
  • Google Alerts and TweetDeck
  • Hashtags – Tips, Tools and Best Practices
  • Content Repurposing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Landing Pages and CTAs
  • What to Post on your blog and social media pages – AnswerthePublic.com
  • PostPlanner and BuzzSumo
  • Automate your Social Media Posting using Buffer
  • Creating Stunning Designs yourself – using Canva

Najam, with years of clientele experience behind him along with a very successful track record will work with you as a digital marketing consultant to create and setup different growth strategies for your business. This will include digital marketing plans for your business to follow along the way. These techniques and processes will be tailor made for your products and services.

Book a Consultation Session with Najam

Let’s learn, implement and work together by scheduling an appointment with Najam. Kindly send an email to Najam at najam@seointl.net to discuss your learning requirements and/or your business/advertising objectives. 

To book a consultation session with Najam, kindly click the link below:

Google Reviews by Previous/Existing Clients or Course Participants

Let's discuss and fix the digital marketing related issues you're facing

Below is a list of problems website owners and businesses face from time to time, if you pr your website faces one or more of these problems, you need a professional to help you out. (if you recognize more than two of these, you need consultation immediately!)

  • Website doesn’t perform well in search results
  • Whether you are planning to hire an overpriced SEO agency
  • Website traffic is at an all-time low
  • Need someone to professionally analyze your website analytics (and tell you how to make it better)
  • If your Online Ads are bringing you nothing but sadness at the end of the month
  • Your keywords aren’t effective enough
  • Your social media efforts are not bringing results
  • You are struggling with ideas for your blog

Even if you are not facing any of these problems but want to stay up to date in the world of digital marketing, want to learn about newer tools to make your site even better or just want to impress your boss, we are who you need!

Moreover, with the list of competent clients and an appealing portfolio, Najam provides solutions for almost all of the problems that people who have websites can face, you can ask him to optimize your site, create ads, analyze your website and its performance and set your website on a path to success.

Who are the clients we have worked with:

It’s natural for advertisers to say anything to get their product or service sold but we have clients who back our claims up and are leading companies in their respective industries through the help of Digital Marketing and ultimately our services. Here’s a list of few of them: 

  • EPOC Messe Frankfert
  • Gulf News
  • Khaleej Times
  • Dubai Physiotherapy and Family Medicine Clinic
  • American Wellness Center
  • Westminster Ortho Med Clinic
  • The Mapletree Centre DMCC
  • Gaga Medical and Asthetic Ceter
  • Elata Beauty Salon
  • Meirc Training & Consulting
  • GET Group of Holdings
  • AW Rostamani Group and many more.

About SEO International

SEO International, a Google Partner firm based in Dubai, is a Digital Marketing Consulting and Training firm in the UAE. We can support your business to achieve outstanding ROI and to maximize the outcome of all engagement, acquisition, and loyalty marketing methodologies including Online Marketing, Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Strategy. Our parent firm ‘Al Wafaa Group‘ also dealing in Web Design, App Development and Web Hosting since 2001.

Do you want to know why your website isn’t performing well in the search rankings? Are you planning to do SEO in-house or thinking about hiring an SEO agency in Dubai?

Gain higher search engine rankings [especially in Google] and increase your website traffic with SEO International’s SEO Website Audit – a website analysis to figure out why your website is not performing well in search engines with the explanation, tips, and recommendations.

Drive traffic to your website using Google Ads | Advertise your business on Google with a Dubai-based Google Certified Partner company. We, at SEO International – a Dubai-based Google AdWords Certified Partner firm, offer a best-in-class transparent Google advertising service specifically designed to deliver a measurable return on investment. We have more than 15 years of experience in the online marketing industry and have successfully served more than 950 businesses in the region.

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