Digital Marketing Courses for Doctors & Healthcare Providers

Digital Marketing Courses for Doctors & Healthcare Providers

3-Day Digital Marketing Masterclass for Doctors, Clinics/Hospitals Managers, Healthcare Facility Managers, Owners, and Healthcare Marketing Professionals

This digital marketing masterclass helps you expand your healthcare organization’s online reach, and acquire more patient leads using SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Ads.

Schedule, Timings, Locations and Fee

  • This 3-day digital marketing masterclass can be arranged in-house at your premises, or at our venue i.e. Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, or can be organized online over Zoom.

  • The training program can be customized as per your learning requirements and/or business goals.

  • If you’re already managing Digital Marketing, SEO, Google Ads, or Social Media Marketing through an agency, a freelancer, or in-house, we can still assist and guide you in optimizing your existing campaigns and strategies to bring you better results.

  • Kindly call us for more details: +971 55 9971452 or send an email to

The medical industry is rapidly changing, and doctors and healthcare providers must keep up with the latest digital marketing trends to remain competitive. SEO International offers a variety of digital marketing courses designed specifically for doctors and healthcare providers. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from online reputation management to social media marketing. With SEO International’s help, doctors and healthcare providers can stay ahead of the curve and attract more patients than ever before.

Read our customers' reviews here:

Diliara NammasDiliara Nammas
09:00 07 Feb 22
I want to thank Mr. Najam Ahmed for his professional approach in teaching digital marketing and for motivating me to continue learning on my own and achieve my goals! Recommend !
Dimple MenezesDimple Menezes
13:25 31 Aug 21
Attending Najam's classes is a great insight to the Digital Marketing world. He is constantly updating his offerings as per the changing trends in the SEO and Digital scenario. With real-life cases, a personalized approach and immense learning materials, I would recommend his 5-Day Digital Marketing Course [1-on-1, Online over Zoom) to anyone who wants to stay abreast with Key Digital Marketing Skills.
Fatena FakhreddineFatena Fakhreddine
06:21 30 Aug 21
I was very lucky to meet Najam and learn from his experience. He is very knowledgeable and professional about all aspects in digital media.
Ronita BhattacharjeeRonita Bhattacharjee
11:55 16 Aug 21
Fantastic learning experience, extremely comprehensive content and resources provided. The team found the course valuable and are now implementing the tools, techniques and analytics .
Patricia EdnalagaPatricia Ednalaga
06:17 27 Jul 21
Mr. Najam is a great Mentor, I’ve learned a lot from him.Also, he is selfless teacher I’ve known. He wants to share all his knowledge on every student he had.I hope that this company will strive more into success.
Sheila ManekSheila Manek
12:31 25 Jul 21
This was a very well informed and useful course that I attended with SEO International. Anyone who is looking to brush their digital marketing skills, this one is for you! Thanks Najam, for the wonderful sessions and imparting useful knowledge. Much appreciated.
nada dahernada daher
17:43 10 Mar 21
Najam is a very professional tutor. He has really put all his knowledge in the course he gave. I highly recommend taking the courses and checking all the information on the website blog.
Ali MossarahAli Mossarah
17:41 10 Mar 21
A great place to know more about Digital Marketing in general. They also offer 1-on-1 sessions that focuses on tailored events.
Zeina AlkoukouZeina Alkoukou
10:56 16 Feb 21
One of the most valuable courses from a Google Partner Expert! Thanks dear Najam...
Maria EnajeMaria Enaje
07:11 24 Jan 21
I took the 5-day online course and it was very informative. I learned a lot about digital marketing within a short period of time. Najam was very helpful with any queries and provided all the relevant data, templates and samples.
swapnali Joshiswapnali Joshi
06:43 16 Jan 21
Thank You so much Najam, for the amazingly insightful sessions. It's unbelievable the kind of data you have shared and yes this is just the beginning there is a lot to learn. Now i know have a good mentor to support throughout.
M. RaoufM. Raouf
12:40 21 Nov 20
had the 3 day course eventually don't waste your time searching for the best tutor. Najam is a truly dedicated and very helpful I really recommend him
senda guesmisenda guesmi
13:20 14 Nov 20
Great content. Najam was very helpful and customized the course in a way that helped me a lot. I recommend this course to anyone looking to learn or improve their digital marketing knowledge and skills.
Ali S. AliAli S. Ali
08:40 01 Nov 20
The course was very good and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and informative. Some great tips and links provided which can help someone to venture into the world of digital marketing.

Course Content with Learning Outcomes

When you attend this 1-day digital marketing workshop, you will not only learn what works to attract patients — and what doesn’t, you will also receive expert guidance from a couple of digital marketing experts having 10+ years of experience in marketing and healthcare industry. Better still, because we cap attendance, your meeting will be interactive, relevant, fun, and highly beneficial.

No academic theory here. Instead, we will share strategies that are proven to work in the real world. You will be amazed by the amount of useful, practical information you receive in just 3 days.

Here’s a list of strategies that will be covered with real-life examples during the session. You might already be familiar with some of them; but we will explain to you the best practices and things to avoid to help you improve your existing campaigns, better deal with your digital marketing agency, and better control your existing in-house team:

  1. Google My Business – Drive Customers Engagement using Google Maps listing
  2. Google Reviews – the importance of Google, Facebook reviews and how to acquire them
  3. Google Search Ads – how they work and make sure that you’re not wasting your money on Google Ads
  4. Google Display Ads broadening your reach to your target audience cost-effectively
  5. Facebook and Instagram Advertising targeting the right audience and avoid showing your ads to irrelevant people
  6. Personal Branding using LinkedIn
  7. SEO should you outsource it or do it in-house? Making sure that your SEO agency is doing it right.
  8. Content Marketing – maintaining a regular blog – Tips to consider to acquire a higher percentage of organic traffic using your blog/updates
  9. Video Marketing – leveraging videos to engage your audience
  10. YouTube SEO – Making sure your video content is optimized for organic search
  11. Tips and tools to become a thought leader in your areas of expertise
  12. Track your success with Google Analytics – define your goals and track which marketing initiatives are helping you grow and where your money is being wasted!

Our Existing, Happy Healthcare Clients in the UAE

By the grace of Almighty Allah SWT, more than 10,000 people have already been trained in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia and across GCC since February 2010 by Najam Ahmed, Digital Marketing Strategist, at SEO International, a division of Al Wafaa Group.

We’re already providing digital marketing consulting services, and/or trained the clinic managers and doctors of the following clinics in the UAE: 

Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Google-related Courses for Doctors, Healthcare Providers, and Clinic Managers

Since health and wellness concerns are rising among all age groups, people in the UAE and around the globe are turning to internet for health-related information, especially the younger generation, which has increased the demand for the Medical doctors, wellness experts and other healthcare professionals to promote themselves through Digital Marketing platforms to address the inquiries.

Why should Medical Doctors/ Healthcare Professionals consider Digital Marketing?

Hospitals and other Healthcare Organizations promote themselves through extensive blogs, huge payable ads and through social media profiles. However, most medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners do not have their own online platforms where they can interact with people personally like one-on-one basis. 

Is Digital Marketing necessary for Doctors/ Healthcare Professionals?

The answer is Yes. Most of the healthcare professionals prefer to practice in multiple facilities. In such circumstances, having a dedicated personal online presence can help people identify their areas of interest, information on the different facilities that they practice and their working hours.

A personalized, clear, and well-defined online profile looks more legitimate than a single page description on any Hospital’s Website. Since numerous doctors practice in the same department, Digital Marketing can help doctors distinguish themselves from other Health professionals. This enables the doctors to gain the trust of their patients and adds value to the service they provide.

Having extensive digital marketing experience in the healthcare industry, we provide online as well as 1-on-1 consultations and training sessions to healthcare individuals, clinics, and hospitals by utilizing the latest marketing trends, tips, tools, and strategies.

We also offer courses and workshops to any healthcare organizations or wellness facilities that seeks to improve their internal marketing capability. Typically, we work with healthcare facilities and provide training to those who already have an internal marketing program in place but struggling to comprehend the lead generation and sales results they desire.

If you are a physician, dentist, clinic manager or a hospital manager, nutritionist or physiotherapist, our consultation or a customized course could help you to plan and execute our online marketing activities from the ground up.

In a present time with social distancing and working from home to artificial intelligent platforms to help healthcare facilities manage their admin work and robots to help perform surgery, it is prudent to say that the whole healthcare industry is under technological and digital revolution. From high-tech procedures to basic outpatient practices, the Healthcare industry is now undergoing a much-needed makeover. Amongst these new advancements in healthcare Industry is digital marketing.

Evidently, patient expectations have evolved significantly over the past decade. They now have more options than ever before to get the care they want for themselves and their families. Therefore, Digital marketing in healthcare is important in today’s technologically driven world because it is how the Service Providers interact with their clients. Creating powerful, engaging, patient-centered content is key if you want to promote your Clinical practice. Even though the healthcare business is fairly left behind in this department, today’s modern and tech-savvy generation rather find a solution online instead of interrupting their schedules to pay a visit to the doctor. Hence, its paramount to have Healthcare digital marketing plan that combines content related to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation with sharp digital techniques.

Our Services include:

  • Digital Marketing Training for Healthcare | an overview about all the platforms covered by the umbrella term i.e. ‘Digital Marketing’
  • SEO Courses for Healthcare | Understanding the SEO strategies that bring your website on top of Google search results with practical examples
  • Google Ads Courses – Search & Display Advertising Campaigns | A step-by-step practical approach for launching, monitoring and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for your clinics. 
  • Google My Business / Google Map Listing Optimization for Clinics
  • Google Analytics | Tracking your success and improving your campaigns’ performance by tracking the results
  • YouTube SEO | Improving your YouTube videos’ visibility online
  • YouTube Advertising for the clinics 
  • Social Media Management & Marketing Training for Healthcare
  • Social Media Advertising Courses | How to effectively create Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Paid Advertising campaigns
  • Personal Branding Courses for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals using LinkedIn
  • Online, in-person, and customized training sessions for doctors and clinic managers
  • Online Workshops
  • Live Workshops
  • 1-on-1 Digital Marketing Consultation and Assistance on hourly basis 

Who should attend these courses or workshops?

Anyone involved in the marketing and advertising campaigns of a medical or wellness center and want to get the best results for their marketing budget, including marketing personnel, clinic managers, doctors and healthcare professionals.

These sessions can be customized as per your learning requirements and/or business objectives. There are no pre-requisites to understand our sessions. We can also be available to help you implement whatever you will learn during these courses. 

Benefits to you and your medical center

After learning the best practices for managing your online marketing activities and campaigns efficiently, you will be able avoid or reduce costly mistakes. We will assist you in optimizing your Google advertising campaigns, avoid costly mistakes and teach you how to take advantage of modern-day digital marketing strategies to increase the results and efficiency of your internal marketing program. 

Divya Sequeira - Digital Performance Marketing Director

Divya Sequeira BN, FDS, BScHSc, MBA, is the Director Digital Marketing for Healthcare, at SEO International, one of the UAE’s leading healthcare and digital marketing consulting firm. Over 12 years of healthcare industry work experience in United Kingdom and in the UAE, Divya has marketed and consulted for over 970 healthcare professionals, ranging from GP practices and Multispecialty Clinics to Super-specialty hospitals delivering solutions to create impactful marketing strategies that drive top-line growth. A frequent speaker, Divya has shared her expertise through several training sessions in the UAE.

Najam Ahmed - Digital Marketing Strategist, and Consultant

Najam Ahmed, Digital Marketing Strategist, Consultant, and Trainer, having more than twenty years’ experience in providing online marketing consultation, implementation, and offers digital marketing related courses (including SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing) since 2005. 

Najam has helped more than 3,500 businesses (including clinics, wellness centers, medical centers, and healthcare professionals) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and across the GCC. 

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