Content Writing & Marketing Services

Content Writing & Marketing Services

Importance of High-Quality Content

Content is KING! It is the heart of all your digital marketing activities, your website, your social media presence and all other aspects. Great Content allows you to establish yourself as an expert who is trusted and loved by all your customers and readers directly resulting in more business. The content you create communicates your message to your audiences, enlightens and educates your readers and allows you to sell your solutions to them i.e., products and services.

In fact, a lot of the times; high-quality content is all you need to actually compel your prospects to buy from you. If you’re a business owner in Dubai or anywhere in the world for that matter and are looking for content that actually establishes you on the top of your industry or niche, you’re at the right place.

Content and the way it works

Now, you may ask how we’ll actually catch the attention of your reader in this deep pool of competition. Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple; not entirely easy but it’s still simple to really wrap your head around. Firstly, we need to understand what really makes a piece of content engaging? In essence, engaging content is something that is easy to read, understand and interesting. It tells a story that has subjects; those subjects are what resonate with your prospects and potential buyers. They start relating with the subject and their problems in the story, that is where your business comes in; your business provides the solution to the subject’s and the reader’s problems. It is simply vivid imagery that makes an effect on the reader’s mind. With our writing skills, we’ll include an elite sense of humor and a lot of personal touch in the story to make it even more powerful and engaging.

Relevant Types of Content

Now that you know how content works, there are different types of content. Even though, there are a lot of options in the field, not all of them would actually make sense for your business. A script won’t help you if you are a tech store, similarly an E-book will also not be of use to you. For this type of business, the best type of content would be SEO Content, Product Descriptions and helpful blogs regarding your products.

We’ve come up with the five most powerful and widely used content types that work for majority of businesses, be it online on physical stores. We have you covered. Below are the most effective content types that help businesses secure customers and finalize deals. These are all very practical and something that actually betters your content strategy. We at SEO International have now incorporated Content Writing Services into our group of already bestselling Digital Marketing Services. We will write content that falls into all of the categories mentioned below for a number of niches for businesses and influencers of Dubai and around the world.

  • Article Writing
  • Blogs/ Blog Writing
  • E-commerce Content/ Product and Service Descriptions
  • Social Media Content
  • Website Content

Article Writing

Article Writing - Content Writers - Dubai

Articles are one of the most evergreen ways of consistently throwing out content for your customers and potential buyers. They have been utilized probably ever since the introduction of the web and online marketing. It increases your Brand Visibility and generates even more Leads and Sales for your business. In a competitive market such as Dubai, effective Article writing allows you to establish Trust among customers and prospects alike. It also allows you to be viewed as a business with great expertise in your niche. Articles are shorter forms of content and a great word range for an article can be 750-1000 words.

Through helpful articles businesses have been able to demonstrate, describe and better market their existing products and services better than ever. Sometimes a single landing page is not able to completely describe and promote a product or service, that is where articles come in. Your customers and readers engage with you for longer terms and this in turn broadens your audience and also grows your network. Phew, Articles are probably the MVPs of the content writing world.

At SEO International, we write Articles for businesses and individuals alike, these articles can vary in terms of topics and niches. These could be how-to, information about the company or the product, a new development in the market or just something fun or helpful that your readers may like to read. We will also optimize it so that Google ranks your content at the top of the search results, SEO optimization of your content will also sometimes allow you to be the featured snippet at the top of the page, earning you free visits, brand visibility and increasing your trust among your readers and customers.

Blog Writing / Blog Posts

Blog Writing - Content Writers - Dubai

Blogs are very common and every decent website that you come across will have a well-maintained and fresh blog. Blogs are usually the backbones of websites that perform well, it allows you to publish news and events relating to your niche and your business. It helps companies drive traffic to their websites and convert traffic and readers into long term customers and promoters for their products and services. Blogs, however should be SEO optimized and also adhere to the Google Guidelines.

A decent writer or composer can actually utilize the best SEO practices for written content and make sure that your blog’s content is SEO optimized from the word go. Through the help of SEO, your content will consistently start ranking on the top of the search results on Google, promising you a ton of natural traffic, links from credible sources and long-term results. You can also become the featured snippet on Google’s first page if your content is well done and actually helpful to your readers. This will increase the trust you have along your readers, your brand’s image and your Domain’s Authority, a powerful metric of the online world. However, all of this is only possible if you have someone experienced and knowledgeable running the strings in the background.

At SEO International, we have professional writers who are experienced and aware of all the best practices that are to be kept in mind to make your content the best it could it be. We would write blogs for your website better explaining your products and services, a question or a problem your readers might have, something fun or helpful, an event in your community or niche or anything else that your readers would love to read about. We will also optimize it for Search Engines so that your content starts ranking at the top of the search results. Content Writing Services in Dubai just became a whole lot easier, hassle-free, reliable and trustworthy. Give us a call today to try us out.

E-commerce Content / Product and Service Descriptions

Ecommerce Writing - Content Writers - Dubai

E-commerce content is highly in demand and saddest part of it all is nobody has a clue of what they are actually getting at. E-commerce content is the GOAT, but only if you’re doing it right. Statistically, this type of content is the one that makes website owners the most money and sell the most products. Because in this form of content, you’re only talking about the product or service and explaining to your reader or prospect about how the certain product can make their life better. Product and Service descriptions are our specialty and we upsell our clients’ products to 100s of customers daily, but more about that later.

Perfectly done E-commerce content will actually increase the engagement rate on your website and sell your products and solutions like you’ve never before. This is most used by online stores, but you could be a website that just wants to sell its products on the side and it would be all good too. E-commerce content relies on well-crafted headlines, categories that are described in detail, the quality of the landing page and the description of the original product. There should be no useless details that take away the valuable concentration of the buyer, they should be able to understand the product easily and know how it will benefit them if they were to buy it.

We at SEO International, will write products and service descriptions in a way that attracts your customers and leads, gains their attention through persuasive writing that is not incredibly pushy and not too laid back as well. Through the help of SEO, we will get your product and service pages to the top of the search results allowing you to sell your products faster. We will highlight the product’s benefits, edit and proofread it so that your customers enjoy each little bit of the content.

Social Media Content

Social Media Writing - Content Writers - Dubai

Companies that have stellar digital setups often rely on social media as their stabilizer for all content online, the truth being that more people would actually come across your Social Media profiles than your website, yes; a customer that wants to explore more will definitely give your website a chance too. Saying that social media is the pioneer of today’s digital world and I can count on one of my hands the companies that made it big without the help of social media. Understanding Social Media Content definitely requires a lot of requires some technical knowledge but a lot of creativity and free time on your hands. To appeal to customers and prospects online first a company needs to find where the majority of its customer base hangs out. After determining and shortlisting a bunch of Social Media Channels, we need to start dishing out content personalized to different platforms. Articles and guides are loved more on LinkedIn and Facebook as per the numbers while image content resonates with audiences of Instagram and Pinterest alike etc.

Social Media Content for businesses increases brand awareness and humanizes your brand. With great content your company can also establish your brand as a thought leader of the industry, in turn will also increase your website content and give you as a business a chance to showcase your products and services to your prospects. This will be only made possible through the help of Backlinks to your own website. Another really undermined benefit of good Social Media Content is that you get to partner with influencers and other companies that have similar customers and fans as yours, allowing both of the companies to benefit from the Collab. Older content on your website can also be used as Social Media Content by utilizing Content Curation, well timed content also runs the possibility of going viral on social media, I don’t even need to tell you how much that’ll help your business.

We, at SEO International with our skilled team of content writers will write and create content for your social media channels ranging from articles, guides, e-books, video content, video stories, image content while utilizing the highest quality of images and will also write content for infographics that are helpful to customers and clients of yours. We will also update your older content and make use of it on your social media. This will allow your business to gain the right leads and start selling more. This is the highest quality of Social Media Content found in all of Dubai.

Website Content

Website Content Writing - Content Writers - Dubai

Your website is so much more than just some words strung together and a couple good images using a decent theme. It is your online market place, suppose you have a shop where you sell goods, you’re going to make sure the lighting is perfect, the customers get the best service possible, the decor is on point etc. Same goes for your website, the content on your website is like the premium lights, decor, service and the quality of your goods. The better all of them are, the better your chances of selling your solutions to your customers. If your website’s content is up to date and fresh along with being optimized then you’ll be found naturally on Google when people search for keywords similar to yours. Quality content will provide value for visitors and will in turn grow website conversions and sales. Website content comprises of a series of pages like the homepages, contact us page, the portfolio, the main blog page etc. Because of the volume of visits, you’ll get on your website through organic results, it will also get shared more often; you’ll need to have social sharing enabled, though.

You may ask, why do I need to be spending money to get my website content on track, well content of richer quality directly generates you more sales, builds trust and establishes you as a thought leader of your industry. A website with content of higher quality also has a longer life span, well optimized content that is written with thought and been given a lot of time to usually stays evergreen. Evergreen content survives over longer periods of time and even years into the future. It allows users to assess and navigate your site easily and quickly and is also loved by search engines because of the SEO impact.

All in all, at SEO International; our skilled team of writers will write content that is truly effective, which is useful to visitors, uses keywords appropriately, drives sales for the business, promotes user engagement; content that will continue boosting your business and be crucial in the long run for your digital marketing strategy. Think long term, think quality, think SEO International.

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