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3-Day Digital Marketing Course [Classroom-based]

3-Day Digital Marketing Course [Classroom-based]

Explore digital marketing conceptsstrategiestipstools and implementation, in detail, with this comprehensive, classroom-based digital marketing training program.

The course provides a detailed understanding of planning a websiteonline marketingsearch engine optimization (SEO), Google My Business, Google Ads campaigns, tracking the results using Google Analytics, content marketing, social media marketing and advertising, and integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing.

Learn the essentials of building an effective digital marketing strategy and its practical implementation with real-world examples over 3 days with Najam Ahmed, a certified instructor with 20 years of experience in the field.

5-Day Digital Marketing Course [Online/Live]

If you're interested in attending an Online/Live Digital Marketing Course, we also offer a 5-Day, Online/Live, Digital Marketing Course.

Course Topics with Learning Outcome

  • Digital Marketing 101 | an overview about all the platforms covered by the umbrella term i.e. ‘Digital Marketing’
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization | Understanding 21 practical SEO strategies to bring your website on top of Google search results with practical examples
  • YouTube SEO | Improving your YouTube videos’ visibility online
  • Google Ads – Search & Display Advertising Campaigns | A step-by-step practical approach for launching, monitoring and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. 
  • Google My Business | Connecting your business with local customers by optimizing Google My Business/Google Maps listings
  • Content Marketing | an Inbound Marketing Concepts and its Implementation
  • Social Media Marketing | Developing a social media marketing strategy using Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other tips and tools. 
  • Social Media Advertising | How to effectively create Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Paid Advertising campaigns
  • Google Analytics | Tracking your success and improving your campaigns’ performance by tracking the results

Schedule, Timings, Locations and Course Fee

Who has already attended our training sessions?

By the grace of Almighty Allah SWT, more than 10,000 people have already been trained in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia and across GCC since February 2010 by Najam Ahmed, Digital Marketing Strategist, at SEO International, a division of Al Wafaa Group.

The following companies have already sent their delegates in our previous training sessions or have invited us to conduct in-house training sessions:

Read our customers' reviews here:

Komal Bhatia
Komal Bhatia
13:19 20 Dec 19
I am glad I decided to take up 3 day digital marketing course with Seo International. There was so much to learn and... all the listed topics were covered in depth. I recently attended the training and I am excited to use the knowledge for marketing my company’s brand. Najam is an excellent trainer and gives a lot of suggestions and advice on improving your brand’s online presence. The course is reasonably priced, the location of the training was great and the overall experience was super!!! I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone who is struggling to understand the many concepts under Digital Marketing.read more
Sharon Surya
Sharon Surya
16:12 14 Dec 19
Thank you Najam for simplifying the concept of digital marketing into a compact 3-day program. The sessions were quite... informative and helpful to anyone at a beginner level. Rather than focusing on a theory-based class, Najam helped each of us patiently with practical examples that enabled me and the others to understand the concepts as well as the tools used in digital marketing effectively. I highly recommend anyone interested in boosting their business through online marketing to attend this session to see a big difference!read more
Michelle Verzola
Michelle Verzola
04:31 07 Oct 19
Najam is very helpful and accommodating. My recent training with SEO International has contributed towards earning my... Google certification. Thank you Najam and SEO International!read more
Family Jadallah
Family Jadallah
04:04 17 Sep 19
My three days Digital Marketing and Social Media class was truly an eye opener on what I really need to do to take my... business further. We covered a extended amount of information and Najam was great at answering all the questions asked, and giving valuable tips he has discovered through his research and experience.read more
Aishwarya Chandrasekhar
Aishwarya Chandrasekhar
08:19 25 Jun 19
The 3-day program was extremely informative and well presented. We got introduced to quite a few tools and techniques... that will come in handy. Mr. Najam is knowledgeable and a number of real-world examples were discussed in class.read more
Aaron D'Souza
Aaron D'Souza
09:57 24 Jun 19
Immense value! The 3 day course gave more tools and guidance than I expected. Mr. Najam was so approachable and gave... good examples.read more
fariyaa firdose
fariyaa firdose
07:58 06 May 19
Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful knowledge with us,I really appreciate your way of teaching ,I recommend... everyone those who are interested in SEO,Digital marketing,Google ads,Google Analytics,etc to attend his 3 day session to know completely about the particular subjectread more
Mohamed Refaat
Mohamed Refaat
14:06 14 Apr 19
An excellent course indeed! The course covered all aspects of Digital Marketing with massive content. Thank you Najam... for giving useful tips and recommendations. Highly recommended to everyone!read more
Benson Skaria
Benson Skaria
10:40 14 Apr 19
"My experience with SEO International was excellently gained good insights about Digital Marketing which is helping me... in my career goals, a knowledgeable instructor like Mr. Najam Ahmed, always value added for this course and assisted teaching totally worth joining."read more
Kristina Geiman
Kristina Geiman
09:14 17 Mar 19
I have completed 3-Day Digital Marketing and Social Media course. I was impressed by the amount of content covered and... the way it was presented. During three days course an incredible amount of content was provided, lots of tips and resources. Mr. Najam’s style of teaching was engaging, extremely informative and with latest trends. I always had a feeling like I was getting more value for my investment. We have received presentation, resources and videos , so I can go back to it when I need to refresh my knowledge. Really really loved the course and highly recommend this course!read more
John Francis Duenas
John Francis Duenas
05:33 06 Mar 19
Giving my heart-full thanks and commendation to Najam for a very professional, informative, knowledge-filled tips in... His Digital Marketing Course. A very worth-it investment and totally the right place to have yourself equipped with all the essentials and fundamentals that you will need to get you on your feet in Digital/Social Media Marketing. I highly recommend and encourage you guys to attend His class! He gives lots of bonus tips and advise too. Thank you SEO International and Najam!read more
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Who should attend this digital marketing course?

This course has been designed for those who want to understand the key elements of building an effective digital marketing campaign. Covering best practice and using case studies throughout, the session offers a practical guide to the core techniques in digital marketing. Online marketing tools and reference materials are highlighted throughout, enabling delegates to leave with solid hands-on knowledge that they can implement immediately upon return to the office.

Anyone involved in marketing and advertising campaigns and want to get the best results for their marketing budget, including sales and marketing staff, digital marketers and social media managers.

Also, people who are involved in the design, performance or online marketing of a web site including web designers, content writers, as well as students and non-specialists who want to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Benefits to you and your company

Costly mistakes and inefficiencies will be reduced through following best practice approaches across the different aspects of digital media. A more coherent, customer-centric planned approach to digital marketing will be developed focusing on priorities which will give the best returns.

Are you sure your marketing budget is well spent? This 3-day, classroom-based, digital marketing course will help you answer this question, optimize your campaigns, avoid costly mistakes and teach you how to take advantage of modern-day digital marketing strategies and best practices for a much better ROI.

Najam Ahmed is the course instructor who has more than twenty years’ experience in providing online marketing consultation and digital marketing related courses (including SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing). He has helped more than 3,500 businesses in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and across the GCC. 

Complete Course Outline

A brief overview of digital marketing and all relevant set of activities that digital marketing covers:

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Why should we focus on digital marketing?
  • Understanding Search Marketing including:
    • Google Ads
    • Google My Business
    • SEO 
  • Understanding Display Advertising
    • Contextual
    • Targeted
    • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Understanding Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding Lead Generation and Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • What is SEO?
  • Why do we need SEO?
  • Understanding Google’s Search Algorithms
  • Does SEO really take time to get results?
  • How Google Search works?
  • 21 SEO Strategies that every website owner, designer, blogger and content writer need to know!
    • Keyword Research
      • Creating Content Hierarchy with examples
      • Brainstorming – Think and discuss them!
      • Google Suggest
      • People also ask
      • Related Searches
      • Google Keyword Planner
      • Keyword Tools
      • Google Trends – Finding Search Trends | Most Searched Terms
      • How to translate keywords?
    • Organizing the keywords
    • Writing Headlines (Page Titles) with examples
    • Writing Summary (META Descriptions) with examples
    • META Keywords are no more!
    • Yoast SEO Plugin
    • CTR matters!
    • Optimizing Page Content and Content Formatting with examples
    • SEO for Images
    • Structuring the Content
      • SEO-friendly Domain Name
      • SEO-friendly URL Structure
      • Plan your Site’s Hierarchy
      • Breadcrumb Navigation
    • Internal Linking and Site Navigation
    • Understanding Google Index and Crawling
    • Localized SEO
      • Location visibility in the content
      • Verified Google My Business and its optimization
      • Google Reviews
      • Localized Domain
    • Website Speed Matters – exploring Google PageSpeed Insights
    • Understanding Backlinks – the latest trends
    • Improving your website using Google Search Console
    • Who is linking to you? Fixing bad links
    • Checking Domain’s Authority – Mozbar
    • Checking your Competitors’ backlinks – Ahrefs.com | UberSuggest
    • Tips to Acquire Natural Backlinks
    • 4 Modern-Day Alternatives to Link Building
    • Social Sharing
    • Links from YouTube Videos
    • SEO & PR
    • Users’ Engagement
      • Links to Related Stories, Blog Posts, Products/Services
      • Enable Social Sharing
      • Embedding videos
      • Enabling Site Search feature
      • Enable Live Chat / WhatsApp feature
      • Bounce Rate & Visit Duration
      • Importance of having a Self-hosted Blog
    • Blended SEO
    • Bonus Tips
      • Google Analytics
      • Website Backup
      • SSL Certificate
      • Website Security
      • Improving Old Content
      • Voice Search
      • 301 Redirects
      • Fake Followers / Fake Backlinks
      • Google Webmaster Guidelines
      • Google Official SEO Guides
      • Google’s 200 Ranking Factors by Brian Dean
      • The Central Idea
  • Write SEO-friendly title and description
  • Understanding Tags and Hashtags
  • Linking back to the main/relevant content
  • Transcribe your videos – your words will be indexed by Google and will help your rankings
  • Embed the videos within the website/blog
  • Verify your account without the need for a postcard or PO Box number
  • Adding photosvideos, and more content 
  • Keep your customers coming back with your regular updates using Posts feature
  • Engaging your customers online, and build customer loyalty by responding to their reviews and questions
  • Understanding Insights
  • Optimizing Google Business profile – so, your business stands out, gets more exposure and bring a lot more traffic to your website
  • Understanding Google Networks [Search & Display]
  • Keyword Research – how to choose the right keywords to advertise?
    • Creating Content Hierarchy first!
    • Brainstorming – Think and discuss them!
    • Google Suggest
    • Related Searches
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Keyword Tools
  • Know your Competitors’ Keywords using SEMRush
  • Keywords Matching Options – Broad, Phrase, Exact, and Broad Match Modifier
  • Understanding Negative Keywords
  • Organizing and Grouping the Keywords – Ad Grouping
  • Understanding the Quality Score
  • Setting up Google Ads Campaigns – that avails high ranking at low cost
    • Google Ads Account Structure
    • Campaign Setup procedure
    • Ads and Ad Groups
    • Organizing Ad Groups
    • Creating Effective Ads
    • Optimizing Landing Pages
    • Bid Management
    • Negative Keywords
  • Analytics – Measure and fine-tune
  • Google Display and Remarketing Campaigns – Overview
  • YouTube Video Ad Campaigns
  • Google Ads’ Glossary
  • Google Digital Garage Certification
  • Google Skillshop – Google Certification Program

Google Analytics training course provides you with techniques to get the best possible return on the investment you have already made in your website design, search engine optimization, marketing, and advertising campaigns. This training covers the following topics:

  • Getting Started with Google Analytics
  • Understanding Dashboards – Real-time | Audience | Acquisition | Traffic Source | Content | Conversions
  • Taking decisions based on Analytics Reporting
    • Audience Reports
      • Overview
      • Geo
      • Language
      • Technology
      • Mobile
      • Demographics
      • Interests
      • Behavior
    • Comparing, Exporting, and Scheduling Reports
    • Real-time Report
    • Acquisition Reports – How do visitors find my website? Am I creating effective content? How does this impact my bottom line?
      • All Traffic – Source/Medium
      • Campaigns – Tracking other online marketing campaigns’ performance using UTMs (Google’s Campaign URL Builder)
      • Google Ads – Tracking Google Ads campaigns’ performance and optimization (after connecting Google Analytics with Google Ads)
      • Search Console – Tracking SEO-based Traffic and Keywords (after integrating Google Analytics with Google Search Console)
      • Social – Tracking Social Media Traffic
    • Behavior Reports
      • Site Content
      • Site Search
  • Defining Business Goals and Objectives [Conversions] | Measuring your Site’s ROI
  • Insights – Ask Google Analytics Intelligence
  • Heatmap – CrazyEgg – a brief overview
  • Google Tag Manager – a brief overview
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Importance of Self-hosted Blogging – Tips & Tools
  • Ideas for Content Marketing
  • Content Types
  • Content Repurposing 
  • Content Curation
  • CTAs
  • Know Your Customers – your best content ideas
    will come straight from your customers.
  • Inbound Marketing Methodology with the examples
  • Sharing useful tips
  • FAQs – Explore your ‘Sent’ folder
  • Branded Keywords List
  • How-to guides
  • Answerthepublic.com – Answer relevant Questions that people already searching
  • PostPlanner – finding relevant content easily – to share with your prospects
  • BuzzSumo – Find Trending & Most Shared Content
  • Pocket | Read Aloud
  • Content Calendar
  • What is social media marketing?
  • Why people use social media?
  • Digital 2020 – Global Digital Overview
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Setting up Social Media Goals
    • Be Selective. Start Slow!
      • Find out where your targeted people connect
      • Popular Social Media Networks
      • KnowEm | Namechk – Check Social Media Username Availability
      • Optimizing your social media network profiles
      • Factors that increase your organic reach
    • Social Media Listening & Monitoring | Knowing your Audience
      • Google Alerts – Monitoring your brands, competitions, and industry trends using
      • TweetDeck – a monitoring tool similar to Google Alerts for Twitter
      • Hashtags – Best Practices & Tools
    • How Often to Post on Social Media?
    • When your Fans are Online!
    • Best Time to Post on Social Media
    • Manage and automate your social media postings using Buffer/HootSuite
    • Share Content. Drive Traffic. Snip.ly
    • Canva.com – creating stunning designs yourself!
    • Roylty-free images, videos
    • Promo – Stunning Marketing Videos
    • The 80/20 Rule – Develop trust before you sell
    • How to avoid looking clueless on social media?
    • How to find social media influencers?
    • Respond quickly!
    • Daily Social Media Plan for small-businesses 
    • Measuring Success | Analytics | Bounce Rate | Conversions
    • Tracking emails
    • Viral Marketing Examples

Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn Advertising

  • Boosting a Post
  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising using Facebook Ads Manager
  • Text Overlay Tool
  • Avoid buying fake social media followers
  • Remarketing/Retargeting using Facebook Custom Audiences
  • LinkedIn Advertising: Text Ads | Sponsored Content

We also guide and assist you to get certified directly by some internationallyrecognized companies like Google, Hubspot, HootSuite, Facebook, and more by completing their relevant exams at no extra cost

Digital Marketing Certifications

We, as a Google Partner firm, issue a certificate of completion at the end of this 3-day, classroom-based, Digital Marketing Course.

We also guide and assist you to get certified directly by some internationallyrecognized companies like Google, Hubspot, HootSuite, Facebook, and more by completing their relevant exams at no extra cost

Enroll Today!

Please submit the following information to enroll for this online/live digital marketing course, or send an email to najam@seointl.net:

Course Title

3-Day Digital Marketing & Social Media for Business Course

Day 1: Digital Marketing 101 & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
Day 2: Google Ads & Google Analytics
Day 3: Content & Social Media Marketing – Strategy, Tips & Tools

Digital Marketing Training Program - Course Outline

Venue: Address Hotel, Dubai Marina

The course venue is located in Dubai Marina that is very close to JLT, JBR, DIC, DMC, TECOM, Knowledge Village, Al Barsha, Emirates Hills, and Palm Jumeirah.

Course Outline

Digital Marketing Training Program - Course Outline

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads – Search Marketing Campaigns
  • Google My Business – Connecting your business with local customers
  • Inbound Digital Marketing Concepts and Implementation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing – Strategy | Blogs | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram
  • Video Marketing – YouTube
  • Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Advertising
  • Google Analytics – Tracking your success
  • Explore complete course outline here.


Pay Online
Discounted Price

AED 2,890 for All 3 Days (or AED 975 for 1 Day)

The cost also covers the following:


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