25 Facebook Marketing Tips by the Pros

Facebook for Business / Social Media Marketing

25 Facebook Marketing Tips by the Pros

Facebook marketing is still one of the most valuable tools for businesses and brands of all sizes.

Here are 25 Facebook Marketing Tips by the Pros:

8 Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies by Brian Peters

  1. Facebook is a platform – where content is the magic.
  2. Facebook Videos (60 – 90 seconds) perform better than static/image posts
  3. Share curated content – improves your brand awareness and relationships
  4. Reshare/Repurpose your top-performing content
  5. Pages to Watch tool – a great tool within Facebook to help you find out your competitors’ best performing posts.
  6. Facebook Messenger and Facebook Chatbots
  7. Facebook Group – not to sell, but to educate and assist your customers
  8. Customer Service using Facebook

Facebook Marketing: How to Implement an Impactful Facebook Strategy

Things to consider when creating your Facebook strategy:

  1. Business goals
  2. How you plan to use Facebook
  3. Defining your buyer persona
  4. Determining the right actions for the stages on your buyer’s flywheel
  5. How your Facebook efforts tie into your larget marketing strategies
  6. Which KPIs you want to track for success

How to Dominate Facebook Marketing Despite Its Algorithm Hating You – Neil Patel

  1. Leverage Facebook Groups
  2. Engage with others in Facebook Groups – by assisting, helping, and answering people out there.
  3. Start a conversation – ask people to comment, to engage with your post
  4. Start using Chatbots like MobileMonkey, ManyChats, etc.
  5. Be consistent in posting great, quality content

The 5 Best Facebook Ads Strategies to Crush Marketing by Eric Siu

Paid Facebook advertisements are important for businesses because they allow you to target a specific audience based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Here are five best Facebook Ads strategies to crush marketing:

  1. Messenger Ads
  2. Stories Ads
  3. Remarketing Videos
  4. Competitors’ Info + Ads
  5. Don’t split social shares

Don’t Use Paid Ads: My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy – Neil Patel


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