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  • 24 things to share on Twitter to get more followers

    Twitter Tips

    I was recently reading an article by Diana Adams about 42 Things to Share on Twitter to Get More Followers. I really liked the following 24 things to share on Twitter from her articles so sharing them with you (with a little tweak):

    1. Tweet a breaking news related to your industry
    2. Tweet an inspiring quote
    3. Ask a question
    4. Comment on someone else’s tweet
    5. Share something that make you laugh
    6. A photo of your office
    7. Behind the scene photo
    8. Tweet about a company milestone
    9. Tweet about awesome customer service you have received
    10. Tweet about a photo of a really funny sign
    11. Ask for a review about a product/service you’re planning to buy
    12. Ask for help / advise in making a decision
    13. Tweet about a funny meme
    14. Tweet about an event you’re conducting/attending or have conducted/conducting
    15. Tweet interesting statistics from your industry
    16. Tweet about a useful YouTube video
    17. Retweet other people’s content
    18. Thank someone for following you on Twitter
    19. Join a Twitter chat (check #ViralChat)
    20. Tweet fill-in-the-blank questions
    21. Tweet your opinion about current industry events
    22. Tweet (or retweet) about a fan you want to honor
    23. Tweet about something you just learned!
    24. Tweet a photo of an early version of product or website

    You can read Diana’s complete article here.

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