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  • 43 Facebook Marketing Tips to Engage Existing Followers

    Two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter. Marketing on Facebook helps you find new customers and build lasting relationships with them. Follow these 43 Facebook Marketing tips to engage existing followers and get new ones:

    1. Don’t try to sell in every Facebook post, follow 80/20 Rule – where 80 (out of 100) posts are tips, inspiration, fun and useful information; 10 (out of 100) posts can be promotional where you’re inviting people to buy, subscribe, download, try your product/services.
    2. Share interesting / useful content so they can engage with. Use PostPlanner to have content ideas and to know what’s already hot!
    3. Whiling boosting a post; try split testing – at least 2 versions of your ads – and later focus on one that performed well.
    4. Be responsive! Reply to the comments fast. Thanks people who praise about you – people love to be acknowledged!
    5. While creating a Facebook Page for Business (or later), do complete basic information such as category, about section, contact details. In About section, provide detailed information about your business, products, services, awards, etc.
    6. Do Boost (paid promotion) some posts that you feel are really important!
    7. What to Post?
      1. Contests and Freebies – showcase new product, engage people with your page or build your list.
      2. Do it yourself guides or Free Downloads
      3. Getting to know you and your team – publish behind the scene photos and employees brief profile
      4. Words of your happy customers
      5. Your latest blog posts
      6. Videos
      7. New product updates
      8. Live Question and Answers
      9. Pose a problem and ask for advice – people love to answer questions!
      10. Run a poll https://apps.facebook.com/my-polls/
      11. Share the result of the poll
      12. Share inspirational images / quotes
      13. Fill in the blanks – get ideas using www.postplanner.com
      14. A seasonable post / greetings
      15. Fan-only discount / offer
      16. Daily Tips / Weekly Tips
      17. Industry Experts’ tips
      18. Share behind-the-scene photos / videos
    8. Curate Content. How? https://sproutsocial.com/insights/how-to-curate-content/
    9. Repurpose content – for example an article containing 10 tips can be repurposed into 10 different tweets. Or, a blog post with 10 Tools can be converted into a SlideShare (PowerPoint) presentation.
    10. Write content about mistakes people make in your niche- if you want to boost conversions.
    11. Facebook Insights – tells you want your audience likes https://www.facebook.com/business/a/page/page-insights
    12. Try FB Dark Posts for Ads
    13. Try AB Testing while posting updates
    14. Try what works and what does not
    15. Find famous and motivational quotes
    16. Always prefer website conversions ads
    17. Modify your targeting with behaviors like people who use Facebook payments
    18. Focus on personas and create multiple ads to target each persona
    19. Try using retargeting, custom audiences, and look like audiences
    20. Show same photos in ads – that are also available on the landing page
    21. Ask Questions – have ideas using PostPlanner
    22. Include CTA in each post – if possible
    23. More images – less text
    24. Provide context to your links, images and videos
    25. Post at optimal timings
    26. Post frequently – at least once in a day
    27. Use Emoticons to increase engagement
    28. Use Photo quotes – using Canva
    29. Use humor https://www.postplanner.com/blog/humor-can-boost-facebook-reach
    30. Always incorporate images
    31. Use Native Facebook feature on Facebook (as compared to YouTube link)
    32. Try multiple content type
    33. Automate posts using Buffer
    34. Analyze most engaging posts using Facebook insights and repeat that works!
    35. Always use a CTA at the end of each post, update etc. – let people know what are you expecting them to do!
    36. Engage with your top fans – let them realize that you know what they’re doing for you!
    37. Use PostPlanner to find viral images to share!
    38. Respond quickly!
    39. Repeat successful posts multiple times – let other people enjoy who missed it earlier!
    40. Focus on helping your followers – Rather than thinking what you want to say them; think what they need to hear from you!
    41. Monitor what people are saying about you, your competitors and your industry!
    42. Add a Facebook Likebox on your site
    43. Use an email signature with links to your social media profiles | WiseStamp

    What do you think? Have you used any of these tactics on your Facebook page? Which were most effective for you? Share your insights in the comments below!

    Kind regards,

    Najam Ahmed
    Digital Marketing Strategist

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