6-Day Social Media 101 [Free!] Course by Buffer

Social Media Marketing

6-Day Social Media 101 [Free!] Course by Buffer

Buffer launched a 6-Day Social Media 101 Free Course to educate the world about social media marketing basics. It was sent to their subscribers in 6 emails in 6 days. I found it interesting and sharing it with you. You can learn it all at your home by focusing on 1 topic a day, so you will be able to complete it within 6 days:

Day 1: How to choose a social network?

Social media is as homogenous from network to network as soda pop is from brand to brand. Sure, it’s all social media, but Google+ and Twitter might as well be Mountain Dew and Pepsi! Each network is unique, with its own best practices, own style, and own audience. Which ones are ideal for you?

Day 2: How to customize your profile?

One of the great benefits of having a fully filled-out social media profile: visitors know that you’re serious about engaging with them! Another cool benefit: We’ve found that creating a great first impression is key to gaining your first 1,000 followers on any channel. Here’s a bit about how to get your profiles looking shiny and nice – and follow-able.

Day 3: Establishing a voice and tone

What do the most successful social media brands have in common? One of the most underrated factors is voice and tone, an aspect of social sharing that you’re likely to appreciate but never maybe notice. Laying the groundwork to establish a consistent voice and tone has a huge impact on the emotional connection to your audience. And emotions are huge! Come learn the simple way to get going with a voice and tone strategy for your social sharing.

Day 4: Timing and Frequency

What’s the ideal amount to post per day? How often should you post? When should you post? What should you post? The solid gold, ironclad answer on questions like these is: It depends. But don’t worry. We won’t leave you hanging! 🙂 We’re happy to share the best practices for ideal timing and frequency, as well as how to think about what type of content to share to social media.

Day 5: Social Media Analytics 

Once you start posting to social media, you start discovering which content, timing, and frequency is right for you. How exactly? It helps to have a sense of which social media stats to look for, where to look for them, and how to assess their success. We’ll cover all this in today’s lesson.

Day 6: Schedule, Engage and Listen 

The final piece of a solid social media marketing plan involves having a system you can follow to help you stay on top of updates and engaged with your community. Save time on social media by scheduling your content. Make time to engage with and listen to your audience.

Day 7: Bonus 

All subscribers received a Free Social Media Marketing Resource Kit for Social Media Beginners and Pros Alike!

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