[Dubai, UAE – 2020] Free Digital Marketing Certifications by Google and Hubspot

digital marketing certification by Google for Free - Dubai
Digital Marketing Certifications

[Dubai, UAE – 2020] Free Digital Marketing Certifications by Google and Hubspot

Learning Digital Marketing & Getting Certified by Google

I received a question from Alia, a resident of Dubai. She asked “I have completed my MBA a year ago and I’m currently working as an intern in a marketing firm based in Dubai.

140+ Free Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications | Najam Ahmed | SEO International, Dubai

I want to learn digital marketing to enhance my online marketing skills and also want to get certified by Google. Can you please suggest from where I should start?”

  1. The first step to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing is to join a free online course by Google called “Google Digital Garage Certification”:


    Get certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and open up new career opportunities.

  2. As a second step, I will recommend joining one of our upcoming ‘3-Day Digital Marketing Courses’ that take place in Address Hotel, Dubai Marina:


    In this course, you will have a classroom-style, hands-on, practical, and real-life experience of understanding digital marketing in detail including how to optimize your website for natural search (SEO), how to launch Google Ads Campaigns, how to monitor them using Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing strategies, tips, and tools.

  3. Later on, you may consider doing some more advanced courses based on your interests by joining Hubspot Academy:


    Most of these courses and certifications are available for free for everyone.

  4. Even, some of you may consider joining some further Advanced Courses and Certifications offered by Google like Google Search Certification, Display Certification, Video Certification, Google Mobile and Google Shopping Certifications by joining Google Academy for Ads: https://landing.google.com/academyforads/

Hope that helps!

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Kind regards,

Najam Ahmed
Digital Marketing Strategist

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