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  • Google AdSense Optimization – Free Video Course


    Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money online. When you’re creating a site in a good niche, you can add Google AdSense to the pages for a little extra income.

    Since you are working within a niche, Google AdSense will scour your content and give you ads that are specific to your keywords. This is great for having ads on your site that are constant updated without maintenance.

    Adsense can be extremely powerful when implemented correctly. So, I’m going to share an official course about Optimizing Google AdSense to grow your AdSense revenue:

    Welcome to Optimizing AdSense


    Understanding CPM & CPC


    Choosing Ad Types


    Selecting Ad Sizes


    Allowing and Blocking Ads


    Creating Custom Channels


    Performing A/B Tests


    Understanding CTR


    Improving Ad Locations


    Choosing Ads Colors and Types


    Understanding Impressions


    Key Players and the Auction


    Understanding Ad Targeting


    Increasing Ad Coverage


    Improving Page Speed


    Fixing Crawler Errors & Rejected Ad Requests


    Exploring other Google Products

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