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  • Google AdWords – Video Tutorials 2015 for Beginners

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    Google AdWords Video Tutorials 2015 for Beginners

    What is Google AdWords?


    What is the Google Network? #GoogleSearch #SearchNetwork #DisplayNetwork


    What is the Google Display Network?


    Which AdWords campaign type is right for me?


    How to Plan my Campaigns?


    How to define Audience for AdWords?


    How to build the best keyword list?

    1. Think like a customer when you create your keyword list.
    2. Select more general or specific keywords depending on your goals.
    3. Group similar keywords into themes.
    4. Pick the right number of keywords.

    Read this article to get more details on the same topic.

    How to choose right keywords?



    How to select the right keywords using Google AdWords Keywords Planner?


    What are keywords matching options? #broad #phrase #exact #negative


    What is AdWords Quality Score and Why Does it Matter?


    Understanding AdWords AdRank


    How should I organize my AdWords account? #account -> #campaigns -> #adgroups [#keywords + #ads]


    How to setup an AdWords Account?


    Google AdWords Location Targeting Tool


    Add Languages to your Campaign


    Budgeting for Your Online Advertising


    How to set Daily Budget or Bids?


    How to control your budget?


    Create an Ad Group


    The ABCs of Bidding


    Example of AdWords Ad Extensions


    Tell your Story!


    How to Write Ads that Attract Customers?


    How to Choose the Right AdWords Landing Page?


    Meet your New AdWords account


    Understanding your AdWords account’s Tabs


    Your First Week with AdWords


    The 5 Pillars of AdWords Success


    Making 10 Minutes Count on your AdWords Account


    Optimizing AdWords Accounts


    Learn What’s Working with your Adwords Account and Refine for Success


    Understanding AdWords Reports and Statistics


    Google Analytics: The What, The Why, The How


    Optimizing AdWords using Google Analytics


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