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  • Google AdWords Official Tutorial in 16 Steps [90-minute videos]

    Google AdWords Tutorial 2016 - Dubai

    Google has official launched this Google AdWords Video Tutorials [in 16 steps] from their official YouTube channel i.e. AdWords. I have embedded all those videos in a proper sequence so you can easily watch them and also have included some relevant examples, links to useful resources:

    Step 1: Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

    Step 2: Define your marketing goals

    Step 3: Select your campaign type

    Step 3a: Use the Search Network with Display Select campaign type

    Step 3b: Use the Search Network only campaign type

    Step 3c: Use the Display Network only campaign type

    Step 4: Select the geographic locations to show your ads

    Step 5: Setting your bids – Bidding Strategy

    Step 5a: Using Maximize Clicks bidding

    Step 5b: Using Manual Cost Per Click (CPC) Bidding

    Step 6: Setting your Campaign’s budget [Daily Budget]

    Step 7: Organize your account with ad groups

    Step 8: Writing effective text ads

    Step 9: Give customers more reasons to click your ads [using Ad Extensions]

    Step 9a: I want people to call my business [Ad Extensions: Call Extension]

    Step 9b: I want people to visit specific pages of my website [Ad Extensions: Sitelink Extension]

    Step 9c: I want people to visit my store, restaurant, hotel, office etc. [Ad Extensions: Location Extension]

    Step 9d: I want to show more information about my business [Ad Extensions: Callout Extension]

    Step 10: Select the right keywords to connect with right customers

    Step 11: Fine-tune your keywords to match your goals and budget [using keyword match type]

    Step 11a: I want to broadest reach for my ads [Keyword Match Type: Broad Match]

    Step 11b: I want a more precise reach for my ads [Keyword Match Type: Phrase Match]

    Step 11c: I want the most precise reach for my ads [Keyword Match Type: Exact Match]

    Step 12: Identify search terms that you don’t want to trigger your ads [using Negative Keywords]

    Step 13: How you are billed [Automatic vs. Manual Payment option]

    Step 14: See a preview of your ads on Google search results page

    Step 15: Find out how your ads are doing

    Step 16: Track how many clicks turn into customers

    Step 16a: Track actions on your website

    Step 16b: Track phone calls from your ads


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