Google Display Ads – 11 Awesome Strategies

Google AdWords / Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads – 11 Awesome Strategies

11 Awesome Google Display Ads Strategies by Surfside PPC

  1. Link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts so you can enable auto-tagging and import conversions.
  2. Separate your Google Display Campaigns for different Goals like Leads, Sales, Product and Brand Consideration, and Brand Awareness and Reach.
  3. Use Standard Display Campaigns and Gmail Ads campaigns
  4. Use all Display Network Targeting options including Remarketing Audiences, Similar Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences, In-Market Audiences, Affinity Audiences, Demographics Targeting, and Content Targeting.
  5. Use The New Google Display Planner when planning your Google Display Network Advertising campaigns
  6. Use All Google Display Ads Formats including Responsive Display Ads
  7. Use Automated Bidding Strategies like Target CPA and Target ROAS to drive more conversions and conversion value.
  8. Exclude Under-Performing Placements like websites, YouTube videos, and apps. Also, bid more aggressively on your top-performing placements.
  9. Test different landing pages to see which landing pages drive you more conversions within your budget. Keep optimizing your landing pages as you go.
  10. Monitor your campaigns by enabling auto-tagging and looking at your campaign results in Google Analytics.
  11. Understand View-Through Conversions and how they impact your Google Display campaigns.

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