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  • Never Post These 10 Things on Social Media | How to Protect Yourself?

    cautionI recently read an article of Kim Garst (one of my digital marketing mentors) and found it really interesting and now sharing her points with you:

    Never Post These 10 Things on Social Media

    1.  Offensive content – such as racial slur, insulting images, crude humor, offensive language etc.
    2. Gosip or attack against specific people
    3. Claiming others’ content as yours – For example, downloading a video from YouTube and publishing it on Facebook.
    4. Speaking negatively about an employee, boss or colleague
    5. Your upcoming business trips / holiday plan – if only your friends know about it that’s okay; however, don’t share it publicly.
    6. Private conversation (without permission)
    7. Your confidential personal information
    8. Financial information 
    9. Updates without verification / confirmation – sorry, but many people share stories/pictures without verifying them.
    10. Anything you don’t want to see online forever – whatever you publish, assume it’s out there permanently. So, think twice before posting anything!

    You can read this entire article here.

    Protecting Yourself on Social Networks

    I found another good article in PCWorld, so sharing some key points from there with you as well:

    1. Protect your account
    2. Be careful what you post
    3. Don’t fall victims to cyber-bullies
    4. Keep your eyes out for scams
    5. Make sure your computer or mobile device is protected.

    All these tips can be found here with more details.

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