No one reads my blog… What is the solution?

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No one reads my blog… What is the solution?

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I was reading an old but an evergreen article “9 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog” written by Pamela Vaughan [@pamelump] and I’m curating it for you with a few more ideas as a solution (in bold) about making your blog interesting and engaging for your audience:

  • You just launched your blog
    Be patient. Stay focused. Never quit!

  • Your blog content is not optimized for search.
    Learn SEO.
  • You’re not promoting your blog
    Share it with your social media followers and email subscribers.

  • Your blog is not optimized for social sharing
    Enable social sharing using SumoMe.
  • You’re not encouraging email subscription
    Enable lead generation using LeadIn

  • You’re blogging about your products, services and accomplishments.
    Follow 80/20 Rule – where 80% of your content – provide valuable info/insights | 20% of your content – promoting your offers/products/services

  • Your content is not valuable for your audience
    Understand your audience. Think about their pain points, concerns, questions and challenges they face. Then, give them a solution via your content that they can implement by themselves even without your help.

  • Your copywriting is boring
    You’re not good at writing (like me); then no problem, you come up with tips/solution and hire an editor to convert your thoughts into an interesting article.

  • You’re publishing infrequently and inconsistently.
    Use a blog content calendar. Also, share your content on social media with ideal frequency and at the right time using Buffer.

So, be patient, be consistent, apply the above-mentioned tips to improve your blog and you will notice your blog attracts so many people’s attention within a couple of months.

Please share your thoughts and ideas to attract more readers.

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