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    Social Media Listening with the help of Social Media Monitoring Tools

    People are talking about you, your brands, your products, your competition and your industry. What are they talking about you? Are they praising about you? Or having some complaints about your products or services? Do they have some questions or concerns?

    With the help of available social media monitoring tools, we can monitor the mentions about us, about our products, services, events and about our competition. We can reach to our targeted prospects and serve them in a better way:

    Google Alerts

    Monitors the web for interesting new content. The service sends emails notifications to the user when it finds new results – such as web pages, newspaper articles, videos or blogs – that match the user’s search term.

    TweetDeck by Twitter

    A great tool (similar to Google Alerts) by Twitter to monitor the Twitter’s activities. Create a custom Twitter experience. Organize and build custom timelines, keep track of lists, searches, activity and more – all in one interface.

    Social Mention

    Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services.


    Media monitoring made easy with Mention. Create alerts on your name, brand, competitors and be informed in real-time of any mention on the web and social networks.


    Talkwalker is one of the most powerful search & analytics engines for Social Media.


    Topsy Social Media Analytics allow you to search by time & place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for every tweet ever made.


    Hootsuite’s social media monitoring platform gives you the tools you need to locate leads, buyers, and influencers while tracking the conversations critical to your business.


    Send email notifications whenever someone pins something from your website.

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