Stop “Link Building”; Start “Trust Building”


Stop “Link Building”; Start “Trust Building”

Stop "link building",  start "trust building" - SEO Strategy

Are you still working with some so-called SEO gurus or SEO experts that guarantee “Google’s Top Ranking” for your website and only asks for your top 5 or 10 keyword phrases and focus on fake, irrelevant, low-quality link building strategies only to artificially improve your website’s ranking? And have NEVER asked you (or helped you) to improve your website content, its structure, adjusting your website pages by adding related titles and META descriptions, adding new pages, renaming your website images, starting a blog, engaging your followers on social media, focusing on PR, improving your website speed and users’ experience? If yes, please stop working with them.

According to Google, a legitimate SEO agency will never guarantee ‘first’ or ‘top 3’ ranking on the first page of Google Search Results and you must be very careful while choosing an SEO consultant or agency. Here are some tips by Maila Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead, about hiring a right SEO agency/consultant for your business:

Unfortunately, what I have realized that more than 50% SEO agencies are still focusing on outdated, obsolete link building practices that no longer work. Google is smart and getting smarter everyday, so please stop tricking Google and stop finding loopholes in Google algorithms, instead focus on building trust by understanding your audiences, their problems, their concerns, their questions and try to solve their issues by answering their questions and concerns and by providing useful, helpful content like blog posts, videos, step by step tutorials, helpful infographics, etc.

Great SEO tips, useful SEO guides, and helpful resources are already available on the web by some great industry-leaders and experts that can you learn practical SEO strategies to help your business and website succeed in the long run:

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