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  • Top 40 Facebook Business Pages for Travel & Tourism

    1. 12 hrs | Travel Guides for a variety of people, covering some of the most beautiful places, knowing the secrets of the legends and amazing adventure fun.
    2. Acid | A Facebook page which covers a whole lot about surfing, surfing spots and techniques and it shares some other interests as well.
    3. Another Escape | This is an independent magazine about different people, pages, passions and processes, they explore creativity, innovation and discovery.
    4. Atlas Obscura | It’s a big guide to the world’s hidden wonders, it has a solid Facebook presence.
    5. Boat Magazine | It’s an independent culture and travel magazine focusing briefly on each topic.
    6. Cereal Magazine | With a superb design and excellent taste in photography, Cereal is a UK-based travel and lifestyle magazine that runs every four months.
    7. Drawn the Road Again | It’s a different kind of Facebook Page, which shows the world by sketchbook drawings by Chandler O’Leary,
    8. Earth Porn | More than 5 Million likes on this trustable page, amazing photography from all around the world, several times a day.
    9. G Adventures | Travelling with G Adventures is the very best way to get up close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own.
    10. Gadling | A solid source for fun, interesting, and useful travel stuff.
    11. Intrepid Traveler | An organization, letting small groups go on big adventures and even bigger places.
    12. Jungles in Paris | This is an online magazine that publishes one story per week and stories that you will die to hear once you have read one or two stories from the page.
    13. MakeShift | Not exactly a travel magazine but a publication about creativity. Their team hunts for stories everyday to honor the great writers.
    14. Nowhere Magazine | Nowhere is a tablet-only magazine with a fresh approach to travel and art. They also post a lot of cool photos, videos.
    15. Sidetracked Magazine | An impressive, deeply inspiring magazine about exploration and expeditions.
    16. Roads and Kingdom | This is an interesting online publication which involves food, travel, fascination and journalism. Not to forget great photographs as well.
    17. The Planet D | an adventurous couple, already travelled more than 80 countries, even ready for more, will keep you updated about their adventures in form of photographs and statuses, enjoy!
    18. Travel Dudes | This is a community of world wanderers sharing their advice, opinion, tips, hacks, and inspiration.
    19. Wandering Earl | Earl, being a inspired teen has been travelling to the different parts of the world since 1999 and is ready to help you start your own journey, shares his experiences and tips on his page.
    20. We love to travel | The page name says it all, get ready for all the fun and trivia which you will meet at the official page, dedicated to the people who love to travel.
    21. World Nomads | A travel insurance company which has got a lot of popularity, it shares links, videos, images and lovely questions for you to ask.
    22. Thrillist | A travel page with 190k+ followers. They post about food, drink, and travel several times a day.
    23. WegoSolo | This is a page dedicated to women all around the world who travel alone, posts a lot about hacks and loveable things.
    24. Everything, Everywhere | Professional Photography with 3x Travel Photography of the year and has visited over 100 countries.
    25. Nomadic Matt | Learn how to make a trip like a dream with the help of Matt, with daily tips, advice and tricks on how to travel cheap and grand.
    26. Travels of Adam | Adam in 2009 left his job and his native town Boston to go out and explore the world, he’s travelled almost to all the continents and many different countries.
    27. I heart Reykjavik | The admin regularly goes sightseeing in Iceland and shows us her beautiful pictures, her goal is to have the best Iceland blog around.
    28. A wandering Sole | The admin is a explorer, runner, African enthusiast, has got rather good photography skills and keeps you updated with his experiences .
    29. Tasting Travels | We would usually travel in a plane or a train or even sometimes a bus, but meet the couple who do it on bikes. They have travelled a lot and would be travelling more.
    30. Humans of New York | A website with a lot of concern for what we humans are doing these days, the site is trying to educate us, their goal is to photograph 10,000 by passers on New York’s streets about humanity and their personal life.
    31. Travel Tamed | The website offers different articles and information about specialty of many different places.
    32. Visit Jamaica | This site tells you all special functions, traditions, offers, deals, best places all in Jamaica.
    33. Visit Colorado | Colorado is a place which has delicate locations, authentic cuisine and a lot of wonderful places to enjoy!
    34. Slow Travel Berlin | Slow travel helps people reduce the urge to travel “faster”, they say them to enjoy and love a place to it’s fullest before moving to another one.
    35. The man in seat 61 | The site’s mission is to help the people going on their first travel, they help whether to travel by ship, plane or something else, hire the best travel agency for you and lets you have all the fun without taking the stress of travel.
    36. The Pinay Solo Backpacker | The site is run by a Philippine girl who left her country to travel the world on her own and now is really living the dream.
    37. Travel Almanac | The Travel Almanac explores the topics of traveling and temporary habitation from the personal perspectives of innovative figures in the fashion, music, art, and film worlds.
    38. Travel Mindset | Travel Mindset curates unique vantages of people, places & cultures from established tastemakers & travelers.
    39. We are Here | Each issue of this so-called lo-fi quarterly travel magazine shines a light on a different city or district.
    40. The Ride Journal | For bikers, by bikers, on “whatever bikes they ride and wherever they choose to ride.

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