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Top 50 Travel & Tourism Blogs

Top 50 Travel  Blog

  1. Nomadic Matt:
    This website advices you to on how to travel anywhere in the world on a budget from the world’s budget travel expert. The name of the blogger is Nomadic Matt, he is author of the New York Times best selling-book. How to Travel the world on 50$ a day.
  2. Nomad Revelations:
    This website is created to help and inspire people to travel around the world. The blogger is a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and world explorer, the blogger himself has visited over 115 international boundaries and many different un-recognized territories.
  3. Expert Vagabond: A great source for getting entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun-videos, amazing  photography, and crazy adventures. The blogger is a full time adventure travel blogger and a professional photographer.
  1. The poor traveler:
    The website gives you tips on how to save money while enjoying travelling .
  2. Two Monkeys Travel Group:
    Community Travel Blog is a travel blog and website started by Kach Medina Umandap from the Philippines and Jonathan Howe from the UK, sharing their experience and knowledge of travelling the world since 2013.
  3. I am Aileen:
    The blogger of this website is a digital Nomad, entrepreneur living sustainable travel life. He / She aims to show how it is possible to create a travel life despite odds and circumstances.
  4. My Tan Feet:
    The website educates you about saving more money and travelling even more.
  5. Hippie in Heels:
    The blog focuses on photography, glamorous locations, and travel tips.
  6. The Blonde Abroad:
    The blog hopes to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary. The blogger herself has visited more than 50 countries and 5 continents.
  7. BuzzFeed Travel:
    Buzzfeed provides you easy digestible stories and portraits of travelers may make you feel good or either is sure to get you inspired.
  8. Bald Hiker:
    Bald Hiker is a place to see the world through real tales and people. Inspiration for hiking, food, mountains and even travelling
  9. Never Ending Voyage:
    A digital Nomad couple who sold everything to travel the world indefinitely. You’ll find a bunch of really useful advice on how to do what and what to do?
  10. Global Grasshopper:
    All you need to know about travel and how to hop from one country to another when on a budget.
  11. The Style Traveler:
    This blog is a fashion editor’s insider guide to some of the world’s coolest hang outs and great places to shop, eat, sleep, drink and party when on your travels.
  12. A Week at the Beach:
    Inspiring young moms to travel more and focusing more on solo getaways.
  13. Alex in Wanderland:
    The blogger left her home to travel and is obsessed with photography and scubadiving.
  14. Travel Dudes:
    Travel Tips, travel photos, travel videos, travel diaries, travel ebook or wonders of the world. Whatever you want to know about travel is all here.
  15. Just One Way Ticket:
    The blogger has almost been to all countries in the world, even though she is not a perfect photographer her pics look very professional as she is an expert in photograph.
  16. Extra Pack of Peanuts:
    A traveler’s delight, this website is packed with travel tips and promotions and cheap flights with accommodation.
  17. The Expeditioner:
    The Expeditioner is a travel site for the avid traveler featuring travel articles from some of the best travel writers in the world, as well as travel news.
  18. Anna Everywhere:
    Anna Everywhere is a blog run by an adventurous female traveling, studying, and living in different places around the world. The blog encourages women to travel carefree.
  19. Dangerous Business:
    The mission of the blogger is to educate people that women travelling alone is not scary, or lonely.
  20. Smarter Travel:
    The name says it all, who doesn’t want to travel smart, not only you but everybody does. Enjoy deals with cheap travel.
  21. TripIt:
    This blog provides the user with interesting and fresh content on travel.
  22. Uncornered Market:
    Travel stories from all around the world as well as different travel experiences.
  23. Heather Poole:

Heather Poole describes all some of the worst nerdier flying stuff with some insider gold stuff on how to enjoy a flight and how to get the most out of flight attendants, she herself is a flight attendant.

  1. What’s Dave Doing:
    In 2011, Dave Dean set off to work and wander around the world with a backpack, a laptop and no return ticket. For the last two years he’s been living and working from the road.
  2. Tourist 2 Townie:
    A director of marketing turned into a guy who had passion for slow and meaningful travel.
  3. Sarah Somewhere:
    An Australian writer, dreamer and traveler, discovering the beauty of my imperfect journey and encouraging you to realize the beauty of your own.
  4. Pinoy Adventurista:
    Travel guides, tips, Travel Destinations, different adventure trips, best places to eat food, cheap hotels and resorts and occasional festivals and events. Travel you trip here.
  5. Migrationology :
    Food is the main reason to travel and rightly so, know all the best restaurants in the world and be a food freak.
  6. Go Backpacking:
    Get Budget-oriented travel advice, how to instructional stories, beautiful photos from all around the world.
  7. Be My Travel Muse:
    She sold all her belongings and with nothing more than a carry-on bag with no-company and became a solo-female traveler, over three years later her journey continues.
  8. Goats On The Road:
    They are people who live life care-free with fun, while travelling they upload pics and stories of them. These guys have turned travel into a lifestyle.
  9. Points With A Crew:
    An entrepreneur mom who has six children loves travelling and provides you with travelling hacks and tips.
  10. Hello Sunshine:
    The official travel blog of Queensland, Australia. Choose from over 20 different adventures and get a ton of destinations to choose from, guides with travel experience.
  11. Happiness and things:
    The blogger has a mission to let you enjoy and taste the good things of life with the specific goals.
  12. GranTourismo:
    Making travel more meaningful and more memorable- that’s their motto. Have expert advice from expert people about expert food and places and a whole lot of fun to do in this adventure-loving blog.
  13. Dive Plan it:
    It’s their mission is to build a greater understanding, appreciation and advocacy for our oceans. They want to get more people diving and ensure newly qualified divers become lifelong divers with a greater appreciation of life beneath the waves.
  14. Big world Small pockets:
    The perfect trip planner for you and it is because this blog has a lot of different locations and what to do when you got to your location.
  15. PolkaDot Passport:
    The blogger is a professional photographer and is addicted to travelling- a ALL TIME TRAVELLER!!
    She loves travelling more than anything and keeps you informed about all travel news and stuff.
  16. Landlopers:
    Travel tips, travel news, good eats, transit, travel news, photos and hotels and resorts, anything about travelling is a available here.
  17. The Blonde Nomads:
    A young aussie family enjoying life and living it to its fullest, and they keep you updated as well through their social media posts and Blog.
  18. Girl Tweets World:
    Tweetin’, travelin’ and bloggin’ her way around the world, Jayne also has a bunch of handy tips and advice for aspiring bloggers!
  19. Bushwalking Blog:
    If you love a good hike, let Neil hook you up on the latest tech, gear, tips and tricks, and the ultimate hotspots all over Australia.
  20. Ladyironchef:
    Taste your way through Asia and Europe with the Ladyironchef (actually a dude by the name of Brad who know his stuff when it comes to finding a decent feed).
  21. The Londoner:
    She may call London home, but this blogger has an insatiable appetite for travel and food (not to mention her style advice is seriously on-point).
  22. Melissa Findley:
    If you’re more of a see-er than a reader, you’re going to love the sensory journey this Aussie photographer’s travel blog will take you on.
  23. Woody World Packer:
    A lovely blog which is rather quite simple but shares all the joys with you and has decent tips, Photography at it’s best.
  24. Food Wine Travel:
    Food Wine Travel is Brisbane-based and has loads of Queensland ideas (along with many other amazing destinations)

    A Bonus:

  25. TripAdisor Blog – Insightful articles, travel news, and inside tips. Plus, updates on our work culture and career opportunities. And you can expect to see some amazing traveler

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