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  • [VIDEOS] Viral Marketing Examples – 26 Videos

    A viral video is every marketer’s dream. It’s a definite way to cut through the noise of the internet. Studies show that social viewers (people who watch shared content rather than videos they’ve found by browsing) are far more likely to buy a product and recommend it to others. You can get some inspiration by watching the following 26 viral marketing videos – you will enjoy watching them and sharing with your friends:

    We're on top of the world | Emirates Airline

    Google Search: Reunion

    37 Days

    Mercedes-Benz - The Journey

    P&G: Do Things "Like A Girl"

    Google Earth: Homeward Bound

    American Greetings: World's Toughest Job

    GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

    COCA-COLA: The Last Customer

    Alibaba's Olympic Ad: Kenya Ice Hockey Team Dreams Big

    Reebok: 25,915 Days

    Google Android: Friends Furever

    What Most Schools Don't Teach by Code.org

    [Emotional] Canadian Tire “Wheels” :60

    [Emotional] Spread the true spirit of Ramadan - by Knorr

    When did we forget how to connect with each other? by Mentos

    [Horror] Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

    [Emotional] Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think - by Dove

    Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128k' - Mission Highlights - by Redbull

    Ultra Reality - by LG

    The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made - by Air New Zealand

    Another dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day

    Nivea Deo - Stress Protect

    DollarShaveClub.com - Our Blades Are F***ing Great

    Will it Blend? - iPhone 6 Plus

    Someone Waits For You At Home, DON'T DRINK & DRIVE | Budweiser Ads

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