Downloading an App? 10 Things to Consider to Stay Safe & Secure

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Downloading an App? 10 Things to Consider to Stay Safe & Secure

In today’s world, mobile security involves protecting portable devices such as laptops, tablets, smart watches, and phones against cyber threats. It is becoming more critical these days to protect our smartphones and smart devices because we store a lot of personal, and sensitive data on such devices.

Going to download an app? Be cautious!

We keep installing different apps in our phones, without even knowing that they can be harmful to us. Are you going to download the next app? Please consider these 10 things to keep your phone, personal information, and your privacy safe and secure:

  1. Check app’s number of downloads – How many people already downloaded it?
  2. Check app’s reviews (stars + number of reviews) – Does it have many positive reviews?
  3. If the app’s reviews are overwhelming negative, don’t download it.
  4. If the app needs more permissions (than it should), don’t download it.
  5. It is always recommended to download the app from Google Play or App Store directly. Ignore downloading from a dirty corner of the Internet.
  6. Enable Google Play Protect – and keep it enabled. Read more about Google Play Protect | | Also, watch this video below.
  7. Double check the app’s name before downloading it – some fake apps have tricky names such as Facbook, Amaz0n, WhatApp, etc.
  8. Read App’s Description – To spot a fake app, it’s essential that you read the description. If it has bad grammar and words are misspelled, that’s a red flag that the app is not worth the risk.
  9. Check Developer contact for the website and address (do they look genuine? Website is secure? etc.
  10. You may consider installing some protective apps such as

Are you App Developers? Consider these tips (available on the links below) while developing your own apps to make the safe and secure for your users and for your business as well:

Hope you find these tips useful!

Many thanks,

Najam Ahmed
Digital Marketing Strategist

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