“The end of digital marketing”

Digital Marketing

“The end of digital marketing”

Every marketer these days need to be very much acquainted with all the best practices of digital marketing. We’re living in an era where every marketer needs to handle digital marketing campaigns and optimize them based on the results of campaigns’ analysis.

The end of digital marketing is here. During an interview at Google Marketing Live, Marie Gulin-Merle, chief marketing officer at Calvin Klein and chief digital officer at PVH, said it’s time to shift our mindset. Learn why she believes we’re now in an era where digital marketing is just marketing.

Watch this 20-minute video where Think with Google’s editor-in-chief, Bethany Poole, and Marie Gulin-Merle, CMO of Calvin Klein and Chief Digital Officer of PVH, on the mindset shift from “digital marketing” to “marketing.”:

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