How to Jump the Innovation Curve by Guy Kawasaki

How to Jump the Innovation Curve by Guy Kawasaki
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How to Jump the Innovation Curve by Guy Kawasaki

1. Great Companies have meaning

When you have meant you earn money; great companies want to change the world.

  • Apple changed the world with computers.
  • Google changed the world with Information.
  • Canva is changing the world with design.

2. Make a mantra

Come up with 2-3 words to have a great mantra, a mantra should define your company with 2-3 effective words.

Nike has “peak athletic performance”.

3. Jump to the next curve

Don’t be afraid of change instead embrace change.

4. Make intelligent products

A slipper that has a beer bottle opener beneath it

Ford Mustang GT has a speed limit you can set on its key to preventing yourself from speeding.

Mercedes Benz has an automatic detector that detects when a car is going to collapse.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Going to the next curve means your products might be crappy at the start, it’s ok!

6. Let newer audiences buy your product

As you go to the next curve, different audiences start buying your product and using it in ways that you didn’t intend it to be used, don’t freak out and take the money.

7. Polarize People

Don’t be afraid of polarizing people, it’s ok if people get upset with your products.

8. Take constructive criticism

Differentiate between people who want you to succeed and take their advice, cancel out the people who criticize for no reason.

9. Start bettering your pitch

Start with a story that gives you a connection with the audience, allow yourself to stand out. Max 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font.

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