14 Valuable Tips to Increasing Your Social Media Followers and Engagement

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14 Valuable Tips to Increasing Your Social Media Followers and Engagement

Social media followers are an extremely important and crucial metric for business owners to keep an eye on, an increase in the social media followers for a brand would determine whether there is any success to the new social media strategy you just applied, the regular consumer will look at your numbers before deciding to follow you and bigger brands and influencers will judge your usefulness to them through your numbers. Today you will learn ways to grow your social media followers and maintain their loyalty rather than harness it for your organization’s growth and betterment.

1. Have a follow-worthy brand

People nowadays look for value in the brands that they want to follow, they are not interested in three sales pitches on each platform that you have a page on, instead, they look for ways your brand can help them, provide value to their careers, and businesses. This can be done better if there’s a personal touch that your company connects with their followers on social media, people follow brands that are somewhat socially responsible and sustainable, so go out and engage with them on their level telling them that you care.

2. Optimize your Social Media accounts

Before you make any efforts to gain newer followers you need to go back to the basics, one of the main steps is making sure that your business accounts on all platforms are completely optimized, think of your social media pages as your website, from the bottom up; be it the description, account captions, links in your bio, hashtags and all other minor aspects. The username you incorporate should be very user-friendly i.e., making sure that it is as close to your brand name as possible and mot immortally keep it universal i.e., making sure that you have the same username on different social media platforms. Namechk is one of the best websites to check the availability of the username across the internet.

3. Follow real, legitimate, and similar accounts

To get noticed and followed back, you must first be a good follower, finding and following people, brands a page that is similar to your business regardless of the social media account. When following these people, you will be followed back by a lot of them especially if you have your page completely optimized and full of posts that provide value. Additionally, following relevant and successful pages related to yourself on social media will give you a baseline of what the industry is talking about, what and when to post, and just unintentionally incorporate their successful baseline to your social media accounts.

4. Incorporate Social Media Buttons on your website

This step doesn’t necessarily involve your social media accounts but more of your website, sometimes people have a higher number of visitors on their website while they don’t have a lot of followers on their social media pages, this either means that they don’t post great content or their visitors aren’t aware of their social media and usually, it’s the latter. Incorporating appropriate social media buttons on the right pages can be of great help if you are looking to grow social media followers, additionally, there can be an addition of social media sharing buttons allowing your website to be found and therefore your social media growing.

5. Find the best times to post on social media

Sometimes an amazing post that provides insane value and information to your followers could seriously underperform and at times trivial posts with not a lot of value end up performing better than a lot of your posts at other times, social media is a game of timing, with better timing being a lot more rewarding. There needs to be adequate research put into your followers and fans and this should be analyzed to make a better posting schedule for your business, mind your different platforms have different times at which posts may perform better. Better posts at the right timing could really increase your social media popularity through the roof.

6. Use hashtags to get found

Hashtags have been around for a long time and adequate use of the right hashtags on the right posts has helped so many smaller social media pages grow their social media popularity. Hashtags can be used in a couple of ways, one could be using extremely popular hashtags but sparingly and strategically, you can easily find your company-related hashtags by using different tools. Two is using hashtags that are not so popular but using relevant trending topics and current events, these are not very popular but would bring you fans from your industry and relevant topics. A smart approach should be taken to hashtags allowing your business and social media pages to grow.

7. Be regular and share your content more often

This one is a no-brainer, having an audience is just as important as keeping it engaged and loyal; how do you keep them engaged? Make sure you are posting often and appropriately siting different platforms, consistency on social media is key and research shows companies that post more often than other companies perform 73% better than the ones that don’t regardless of the content, this doesn’t mean that you stop prioritizing the content, the content is just as important as the timing and the regularity of the posts, if not more.

8. Hold Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests can be the best and most proven way for your social media to climb to its potential given that they are conducted properly and are giveaways for something the customers actually want. Of course, the first few giveaways might be sorts of trial and error and there’s some amount of experimenting that has to be done, once you get the hang of it, it is going to become extremely easy and fun to do, would drive great engagement and get your brand found more easily.

9. Collaborate with businesses similar to yours

Collaborating with one of your competitors can bring great value for both of the brands, the platforms, and the plans can vary and be discussed in detail, the way to do it would be to promote each other’s social media accounts and their content, with the likeliness of the followers following both brands because they are very similar is highly likely, this would drive better engagement and reach for both the brands and provide positive PR.

10. Engage actively with other brands and fans

As you start gaining followers and reach on different platforms, you need to start engaging positively with other brands, customers, and followers to better the PR and drive more growth, reply to comments and acknowledge mentions and tags, furthermore feature prominent customers on your posts, stories, and highlights. Solve the problems that a customer might express on social media with a very positive mindset, remember you have to look good to everybody else on the platform.

11. Remind your email subscribers about your social media

If you have a newsletter or email list that you regularly send emails to, make sure to promote your social media accounts over there, this could be accompanied by a slight use of incentives to do the same, you could provide an eBook or a complimentary discount if they do as promote, the people that regularly open your emails will gladly follow you. This would give you a boost for your social media accounts and drive more reach along with engagement.

12. Include visuals in your posts

Including visual photos in your content on social media is crucial, they are the real high performers, having or including an eye-catching image with your post brings a lot more value, these are some facts compiled by Hubspot:

  • Content containing relevant images gets 94% more views than content that doesn’t contain relevant images.
  • Visual content is 40x times more likely to be shared on social media.
  • Posts showing faces get 38% more likes compared to the ones that don’t.

13. Explore paid social

Ads on social media are crucial and important, although it might not be for everyone, social media ads can provide business owners with leads and customers at a fairly acceptable cost, every social media platform has different ads that are better tailored for their own organization, majority of these are simple to understand for people who re trying to enter the market and will provide decent returns on investment, however being relatively young and new into the social media world, I would personally advise you not to use paid social, only after a couple of months when you have a handful of customers that you acquired through social media should you try out paid ads, and remember to start slow and experiment what works best for you rather than putting all your money in one platform.

14. Do not ever buy followers and fans

Despite things not going your way and your social media strategy seems to not work, you should never buy followers and fans, even though in the start it will look like a shortcut to building a huge online community. This will pollute your audience with robot profiles and accounts and people that don’t care about your brand. You be essentially paying to reach bots and not to mention the penalty that social media platforms may put on you if you are caught with fake followers, they can vary but they include account suspension and termination, do you think a risk as big as this is worth for a thousand bot followers?

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